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Buying a Used Car from a Dealer Vs Private Party

When buying a used car you probably going to think of getting one from a car dealer or a private seller, the option you choose will be determined by how comfortable you are by either option. You probably find it challenging to decide on buying a used car from the dealer or private seller which can be more confusing especially if it is the first time you are owning a car. It is understandable being indecisive whether to buy your used car from a car dealership or a private seller, this may be simply because it is your first time to own a car or buying a used car, but this dangerous because you might make irrational decisions and you end up with a faulty, stolen or accident car ruining all your excitements and dream of owning a car. This blog gives you some insight you might find useful when you are making choices between a car dealership and a private seller.

One thing you need to know is that there are pros and cons on either option you choose, when buying a car from a dealership the car will be relatively expensive compared to a private seller, this is because the dealership have overhead to cover such as employees, rents and they need to make a profit but a private seller may be willing to negotiate the price further and has no overheads to cover and probably want to dispose of the car and the idea of profit does not exist in his world.

The good thing with buying a used car from a dealership is that it comes with a warrant which can be a guarantee of quality and reliable car wherein the case of a private seller the warrant is not included during the sale, therefore you cannot be certain about the reliability of the car, however, you can take a qualified and experienced mechanic to do all the inspections before committing on the sale.

Because dealers have different makes, brands, and models of used car it is very easy to get a different car than you had planned as well as exceed your planned budget, you, therefore, have to try and stick to your brand as well as your planned budget but for a private seller, you can stick to your budget because such choices are not available. When you choose a dealership to buy a used car you can benefit from their financing however, such benefit you cannot get from a private seller because hardly a bank can agree on financing through a private seller of a used car. In this article, you are presented on the pros and cons of both dealership and a private seller you may consider when buying a second-hand car.
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